Together with the related institutions and organizations, we carry out R&D and P&D activities to develop the materials belonging to the defense systems that will be freshly manufactured and imported from abroad and to provide talent to the domestic industry.
We also contributed to the design and prototyping of MPT-76, MPT-55, BORA-12 (JNG-90), KSR, KGL, KMG, KCR556, KMR762, MFR-56, OVİS 308, AK-40 GL cleaning and repair kits.

If you want to do defense industry projects but do not know where to begin, we can support you. Within the framework of the production of gun care goods, gun sling, equipment, and other products we make, you may be interested in one of our R&D ventures.

For the work we do within the framework of funding for R&D ventures, we do not charge any fees.

You can contact us via e-mail or come and have a cup of tea at our workshop. Our door is always open to individuals who plan, create, or want to learn.