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Gun Care


1. Until cleaning and servicing, the protection of the gun must be considered.
2. Oil to be used in the cleaning of weapons; special gun oil to be developed for guns. This oil is intended for gun lubrication, safety and cleaning and must comply with NATO codes S-758 and MIL-L-63460, respectively.
3. In barrel cleaning, from the reservoir side, the rod and cleaning brush must be inserted into the barrel. Otherwise, the barrel and its groove and sets can be affected.
4. Never use the fluids you use in other parts for cleaning the barrel. These types of liquids will stay in the joints and later cause corrosion.
5. Do not use any products or oils other than those used in or recommended by the weapons manufacturers' cleaning and maintenance kit.
6. The more cleaning is performed regularly and deliberately, the less oxidation there would be. An adequate quantity of acceptable oil should be lubricated with protective oil after proper cleaning.

Note: In order to obtain the desired efficiency from the weapons, each weapon user must have a weapon cleaning and maintenance kit.

Experts typically claim that after firing, you need to clean your gun within 24 hours. The explanation for this is that residual particles of gunpowder and metal or plastic produced after each fire remain in the barrel and the chamber. To remove these particles, cleaning and maintenance of the gun must be performed.

In the most important cases, even due to negligence, the seizing of the gun is the loss of control over the gun.

It ensures that the gun operates safely, preserves its sensitivity and reliability, does not jam, increases its initial speed, long life, corrosion resistance, and decreases metal fatigue by cleaning and maintaining the gun.

Maintenance and cleaning of the gun is not only dusting the gun in a few places and adding oil.

In compliance with the prescribed principles, the cleaning and maintenance of the gun should be completed on time. Through cleaning and maintaining your gun in a way that it is always ready for action under the safety rules, you will capture the real performance of the gun and realize your expectations.

As it is said, before and after each fired, the gun must be cleaned. It is important to have a cleaning package specially created for this when cleaning weapons. Each weapon has, according to its diameter, a cleaning kit. The cleaning package for one diameter cannot be used to clean another. For each diameter, a distinct cleaning kit is required.

It is included in the sets used in the phases of cleaning and frequent maintenance that prolong the weapons' life.

Typically, the sections presented below are included.
1. Gun cleaning and protective oil
2. Gun cleaning cloth
3. Rod
4. Nylon brush
5.Bronze cleaning brush
6. Cleaning swab
7. Cartridge (chamber) brush
8. Rod wire
9. Rod head
10. Cleaning brushes (steel wire and plastic wire