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Premium Cleaning and Maintenance Set

Premium Cleaning and Maintenance Set

Calibre Options: 7,62 mm (.308 Cal) / 5,56 mm (.223 Cal) / 9 mm

For simple transportation, a minimal design has been developed. For
cleaning the barrel, there are 3 separate brushes. By removing large particles, the nylon brush roughly cleans the gun. The phosphor-bronze brush separates residual fragments of fuel and bullets from the barrel. For oiling and final brushing, a cleaning swab is used. For general cleaning, steel and nylon multipurpose brushes are added. To stop jams in the barrel, the used rod has a rotary head, high quality steel and anti-corrosive coating. Included in the set are the products needed for the lubrication of the product. In an anti-static polyethylene sponge, barrel brushes are positioned to avoid crushing and improve their service life.

Set Content:
-Rod Set
-Cleaning Patches
-Steel Bore Wire (Rod Wire)
-Weapon Maintenance and Cleaning Oil

-Bronze Bore Brush
-Nylon Bore Brush
-Cleaning Swab
-Double Sided Gun Cleaning Brush (Nylon)
-Double Sided Gun Cleaning Brush (Steel)

Rod Set:
-Rod Handle
-Rod Stick
-Patch Holding Apparatus